Nursing homes are supposed to be safe places for our loved ones to reside when they can no longer live alone. We trust the workers in nursing homes to provide the best care possible to the residents. Unfortunately, as seen in a recent New Jersey case, nursing home abuse is all too common. A few weeks ago, a nurse’s aide at a New Jersey nursing home was arrested for attacking a patient who was nearing the end of her life. The attack was caught on tape, and even a long-time police officer called the footage disturbing. According to a police lieutenant, the defendant hit the 87-year-old patient on the head once, turned to leave, and then came back and struck her again. The patient, who was terminally ill, died the following day. The 59-year-old woman accused of beating the patient was arrested and now faces assault, abandonment and neglect of the elderly charges. She was fired from Harborage Nursing Home in North Bergen, New Jersey.

While many nursing home abuse cases go unreported, the daughter of this victim had installed a hidden camera in her mother’s room after noticing some changes in her mother’s mood and appearance. Investigators say the defendant claimed that at the time of the attack she had been suffering from depression and was stressed after the loss of a family member. Although authorities say the victim’s death may not be related to the assault, the defendant may still be facing serious charges. The physical abuse of a nursing home patient by a staff member is a serious crime. We trust these facilities to provide a safe environment for our loved ones when they are at their most vulnerable. Experienced New Jersey lawyers for wills and trusts¬†understand the complexities of estate planning and nursing home abuse case. These professionals know that strong cases can be built to hold those responsible accountable.